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Today, has been hit with a DMCA Claim by Home Box Office (HBO). The DMCA is for Game of Thrones and True Blood screencaps, however, if the DMCA remains in place we will be required to remove all of our galleries.

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Indian Bride Watercolors by Unknown

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Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014

why headcanon Enjolras as shorthaired when you could

  • not do that


Andrés Sardá Fall 2014

(Part 8 of 8) Letter from Charles Jeanne to his sister, from prison, December 1833



Le 7 à cinq heures du matin il me fallut m’évader en toute hâte, déjà dénoncé, j’allais être arrêté & la maison était cernée. Je m’échappai déguisé en ouvrier fouleur, & pendant deux jours j’errai ainsi déguisé, traversant à chaque instant les bandes de gardes nationaux, de mouchards & de sergents de ville. Je ne pouvais m’éloigner de ces lieux où j’avais combattu & où je voulais mourir ; de ces lieux où mes braves compagnons d’armes avaient été lâchement assassinés par des cannibales revêtus de l’uniforme national après s’être rendus prisonniers aux soldats de la ligne qui ne purent les garantir de la fureur de lâches bourreaux.

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Translation! LAST PART YOU GUYS. And, um, warning for slightly gruesome details of the final massacre.


The 7th at five in the morning I had to escape in a hurry, already denounced, I was about to be arrested & the house was surrounded. I escaped disguised as a tanner, & for two days I wandered around like that, constantly crossing bands of national guardsmen, spies & sergents de ville. I couldn’t keep myself away from those places where I had fought & where I wanted to die; those places where my brave comrades-in-arms had been cravenly murdered by cannibals dressed up in the national uniform, after giving themselves up as prisoners to the soldiers of the line, who were unable to protect them from the frenzy of those cowardly butchers.

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Then she paused. It seemed as though words failed that creature formerly so heedless and so bold. She tried to smile and could not. Then she resumed:
Then she paused again, and remained with downcast eyes.
Good evening, Monsieur Marius, said she suddenly and abruptly; and away she went.
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but what if a vampire drank the blood of someone who was anemic like would they be seriously grossed out

“what the fuck is this”

“i have anemia”

“can you take something for that you should probably take something for that this shit is nasty to drink let alone have running through your body i’m setting up a doctor’s appointment for you”

“dude really you don’t have to just leave what the fu—”

“you disgust me here take these iron supplements”

“where did you even get th—”

“shut up and take your pills and dont forget your vitamin D”

“i’m going to check up on you weekly to make sure you’re taking them”

“that’s not necessary”

“maybe we should work on a dietary plan with foods rich in iron and other things for you”

“do you get this involved with all of your meals”

did u get the cookbook i orderd 4 u

Oh my god, first of all stop using text speak, you told me you were 278, second how did you know where I LIVED, third yes I got it.

heard onions were good 4 blood, eat lots

So you can have a tasty meal? I guess you’d rather I stay away from garlic, huh.

UR being v rude I just got u a present!!!


#sounds like the begining of a beautiful friendship #gimme this sitcom

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